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The OAPA Emerging Planners Group Mentorship Program connects new planning professionals (less than 5 years experience) and students in graduate planning programs with experienced professionals (5+ years experience) to help program participants:

  1. Build and grow their professional network;
  2. Leverage professional development opportunities, and
  3. Foster professional relationships through informal, ongoing partnerships.
Why be a Mentee? 

Forge a longstanding relationship with an established planner who can provide objective advice and access to a wealth of knowledge and opportunities– invaluable resources for supporting and encouraging your professional growth and development.

Why be a Mentor? 

There are many reasons to become a mentor. You can earn pro bono CM credits, reinforce your leadership skills, help Oregon meet its increasing need for new planners and permit techs, and share lessons learned while forging new connections and relationships with both emerging and experienced professionals.

Program Details

OAPA Mentorship 2

Up to 25 mentor/mentee pairs are matched by field of interest, sector preference, and geographic location, and are introduced via email at the start of the program. The 6-month program runs from January through June and includes three professional development events (in-person event locations TBD; food and drink provided).

January 25th: Kick-Off Event

This event brings together the full cohort for introductions and activities. We’ll do an icebreaker; set mentorship pair expectations through shared goals, action items, and established communication preferences; and review the following program materials:

  • Program Guide: explains the program, outlines mentor/mentee roles and responsibilities, and offers example match meet-up activities;
  • Events List: upcoming planning-related events throughout the state that offer professional development and match meet-up opportunities
  • Program Directory: contact information for past and present participants in the mentorship program (you may opt out)
April 4th: Mid-Program Event

The Mid-Program Event will be focused on a learning opportunity such as a presentation on hot topics, speed networking activities, or a walking tour/site visit.

June 6th: Closing Celebration

The Closing Celebration Event provides another opportunity to meet up as a cohort, in a more relaxed format, like a picnic with games, a scavenger hunt, or trivia.

Expectations and Commitment
  • Attend all three program events. Attendance is strongly encouraged in order to better develop the cohort relationship and maximize networking opportunities, particularly for the Kick-off Event. The inability to attend events does not disqualify you from participating in the program.
  • Meet with your match monthly outside of the sponsored program events. Regular meetings are important for fostering the match-pair relationship. These may take many forms, from a chat over coffee to job shadowing, to resume review– you get to decide together what type of meet-ups will be most valuable.
  • Be proactive in developing a relationship with your mentor/mentee. This program is largely what you make of it. The greatest resource you are provided is your match partner. Take advantage of your time as a mentorship pair!

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For More Information

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