OAPA's Professional Development Committee organizes and hosts various webinars throughout the year. Upcoming webinars are listed on the Conferences & Events page and on the event calendar, and are also promoted on our social media channels. A selection of recorded webinars are available for viewing, many of which also qualify for Certification Maintenance credit.

Webinar Proposals

OAPA is now accepting proposals for its lunchtime webinar series. If selected, OAPA will assist with moderating, technical setup, and promotion. Please use this Google Form to submit your proposal.

Please email any questions about webinars to Stephanie Green at oapa@oregonapa.org.

Planning Webcast Series

Logo for the APA Ohio Planner Webcast Series

OAPA is a member of the Planning Webcast Consortium, which hosts a series of webcasts throughout the year. The series’ 90-minute webinars are hosted by various chapters and divisions of APA and are available almost every Friday from 10:00-11:30 am. All consortium webinars are free to OAPA members and Division members and qualify for 1.5 CM credits when viewed live.

Upcoming consortium webinars are listed on the Planning Webcast Series website, including on-demand webinars with Law and Ethics credits, which an be found under the On-Demand Webcasts tab.

Recorded Webinars

Housing Policy in the 2024 Oregon Legislative Session

Learn about the housing production bill (SB 1537) currently being worked on in the state legislature and how it could impact your city.

Integrating Health Impacts in Transportation Planning
CM | 1

Across the country traffic divisions and transportation departments are recognizing the importance of integrating health impacts and outcomes into their practices, partnerships, and policies. In this webinar, participants will learn about different approaches for health integration, such as health in all policies and health impact assessments. Josh Roll will discuss the use of health impact models and unique partnerships to fund active transportation infrastructure. Kelly Rodgers will also discuss how to make health-related indicators useful in transportation planning such that they inform municipal decision-making.  Panelists: Kelly Rodgers, PhD, LEED-AP, Streetsmart Planning and Josh Roll, Oregon Department of Transportation (Recorded on 1/25/2024)

Planning for Accessibility in Housing
CM | 1

Everyone needs access to housing where they can be safe, comfortable, and independent. Planners in Oregon are increasingly recognizing the need for more housing that is accessible to older adults and people with disabilities. This webinar will help planners understand why it is important to proactively plan for accessible housing, what the legal requirements are, what is meant by the terms “accessibility”, “universal design”, and “visitability”, and how jurisdictions and partner organizations are working to address this critical need. Panelists: Connie Saldaña, Lifelong Housing Program Coordinator, Rogue Valley COG, and Lena Roper, Universal Design Specialist, MIG (Recorded on 8/30/2022)

Making Planning More Accessible
CM | 1

How accessible is your planning for people of different abilities? This webinar will cover the various needs of different communities, common barriers to access, and tips and tricks for making your meetings, presentations, and planning products more accessible to all members of your community.Panelists will discuss: Different needs among the population; Common barriers to access; Legal requirements; Best practices and technical how tos.  Panelists include:  Sabine Rear, Community Vision AT Lab and Northwest ADA Center and Allyson Powers, WSP USA.  (Recorded on 4/19/2022)