Western Planner and Oregon APA Working Together

June 1, 2021

Western Planner (WP) provides a network of professional and citizen planners to share vital and relevant knowledge and educate our communities about the unique aspects of planning across the West. The liaison between WP and Oregon APA (OAPA), Allison Platt, is a member of OAPA’s Education and Outreach Committee and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group and serves on the WP Board. She shares below some ways that WP provides value to OAPA members. Allison is also working to identify ways OAPA’s work can be of benefit to the WP network. Please feel free to connect with Allison (aplatt@bendoregon.gov) if you have ideas on how WP can better serve you or you have an idea for the WP Journal and podcast to help feature Oregon planners. 

What are the benefits of Western Planner?

  • Active and Successful Regional Job Posting System

  • Regional Conference Events & Awards

  • Support to Planners, especially Rural and County planners (typically more than general APA chapters can) – Approximately 52% of Oregon’s counties are rural.

  • Western Planner Journal – Monthly peer reviewed articles written by planners for planners, topics rotate monthly. 

  • Western Planner Radio – A podcast to connect with planners across the West.

How does Western Planner benefit Oregon planners specifically?

 Visit www.westernplanner.org or view the 2020 Western Planner Annual Report for more information.