OAPA needs members with a variety of skills and experience to serve on upcoming CAPP workshops. Volunteers will be selected based on the expertise required to address each community’s needs. CAPP workshop teams will have a total of 4-6 planning volunteers, including an assigned leader who will be responsible for assembling the team, organizing the event, and coordinating with the host community. To be considered, interested candidates must complete the Volunteer Form and submit a resume.

Each CAPP workshop will generally take a few months to organize and complete. Volunteer team members should expect to spend 20-40 hours with the team preparing for and actively participating in a CAPP workshop. CAPP volunteers agree to offer their time and expertise pro bono and OAPA will reimburse for travel expenses necessary to serve the workshop community.

Complete the CAPP Volunteer Form

Pro-Bono CM Credits for CAPP Volunteer Service

AICP-certified members may be eligible to earn self-reported Certification Maintenance credits for their CAPP volunteer service. Depending on the type of work performed, one CM may be claimed for each hour of pro bono service, up to a total of 8 credits per reporting period. More details are available on the CM Credit for Pro Bono Planning Service page in the AICP section of the APA website.

For More Information

Contact Deb Meihoff for more information on OAPA's Community Assistance Planning Program.