The Talent Almeda Fire Opportunity Framework project was a planning research project provided by Oregon APA's Community Assistance Planning Program (CAPP) and pro bono assistance from SERA Architects + Planners, in service to the City of Talent and the surrounding community, completed August 2021. Volunteer planning professionals from across Oregon worked with local and regional partners to research and document critical information for recovery planning.

The purpose of this project was to produce an Opportunity Framework, or “one-stop report,” as a resource and first step toward longer-term community recovery.

While much of the context and recommendations are focused around recovery from wildfire events, this resource also explores ways to minimize impacts from other natural disruptions, as well as rebuild a more resilient community as a whole.

Project Goals:

  • Lay the foundation for longer-term community decisions, future planning and project identification, and a resilient recovery.

  • Provide Talent with a resource to catalyze and support grant and funding proposals.

  • Lay a framework for community conversations about long-term rebuilding opportunities and priorities.

  • Facilitate coordination and partnership with other jurisdictions, levels of government, and sectors.

  • Help identify potential project opportunities or areas of further study or consideration.

  • Set the stage for and inform community-based planning processes.

The Opportunity Framework report includes:

  • Project Overview Community Profile & History

  • 2020 Almeda Fire Event Background 

  • Community & Regional Issues: Transportation, Housing Affordability (including a Housing Types Lookbook), Real Estate Market, Land Use, Recreation & Environment 

  • Equitable Engagement, including University of Oregon Community Interview Highlights

  • Potential Funding Sources

  • Plan Document Review

  • Wildfire Recovery Planning Best Practices 

Click here for the report.


Thank you to the Talent Almeda Fire project team and advisors.

OAPA CAPP: Brian Campbell, FAICP;  Daniel McKenna-Foster; and Stephanie Lonsdale 

SERA Architects + Planners: Matt Piccone (team lead); Erin Reome, AICP; Emma-Quin Smith; and Timothy Smith, AICP

University of Oregon: Megan Banks, Ric Stephens, and students of the Sustainable Cities class

Advisors and Partners: Denise Balkas, FEMA; Elizabeth Decker, Jet Planning; Tom Humphrey, AICP; Stephan Lashbrook, AICP; Deb Meihoff, AICP; Susan Millhauser; John Russell, FEMA; Tyler Ryerson; Beth Otto, FEMA; and David Siegel, FAICP

City of Talent Staff: Dick Converse, Hector Flores, Jon Legarza, Kristen Maze, Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Jordan Rooklyn, and Kim Trimiew

Project volunteer hours: 550+