Map showing the Santiam State Forest After the Fire: Recreation Impacts (ODF)

Santiam State Forest After the Fire: Recreation Impacts (Oregon Department of Forestry)

The Santiam Canyon Wildfire Recovery Project is a planning research project provided by Oregon APA's Community Assistance Planning Program (CAPP), in service to Marion County, the Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments, and the Santiam Canyon community, completed August 2021. Volunteer planning professionals from across Oregon set out to research and document critical information for planning Santiam Canyon’s recovery.

Project Goals:

  • Provide information and analysis to assist Santiam Canyon communities moving into the visioning and planning phases of recovery.
  • Undertake foundational work for longer-term community decisions, project identification, and a resilient recovery.
  • Provide the communities with an actionable resource to set the stage for, catalyze, and inform community-based planning processes, such as: funding proposals; community visioning around long-term rebuilding opportunities and priorities; and coordination across jurisdictions, levels of government, and sectors.

The final project report includes:

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Thank you to the Santiam Canyon CAPP team: Jamey Dempster, AICP; Kate Holmquist, AICP; Deb Meihoff, AICP (team lead); Susan Millhauser; Ellen Palmquist; and Shannon Wages, AICP

We'd also like to thank the early contributions of: Brent Bybee, AICP; Scott Jensen, AICP; and David Siegel, FAICP

Special thanks to our colleagues with FEMA Community Planning and Capacity Building for their collaboration and research assistance: Heidi Arnold, Denise Balkas, Anna Hurt, Harold Kilgore, and John Russell

Project volunteer hours: 525+