Update for 2020-2021


The CAPP has expanded its services and opportunities to assist with wildfire recovery support and assistance with inclusive engagement strategies, in addition to the continued Community Workshop programming (we’ve even found ways to help out during the pandemic). More information coming soon or contact contact Deb Meihoff to learn more.

CAPP is open to Oregon-based local governments, neighborhood or business groups, and/or community organizations with very limited resources and who have a problem defined enough that a 1- or 2-day workshop would provide the needed focus and momentum to move the issues forward.

A sampling of the types of planning a CAPP workshop could address include: strategic planning, neighborhood visioning, natural hazard preparation, urban design framework, transportation and parking, healthy community strategies, economic development, main street revitalization, and/or resource protection. Other ideas are welcome.

Submit your application

Workshop projects are awarded on a competitive basis by a member-based selection committee. Applications can be submitted anytime; projects will be considered in December and May each year. Additional details and criteria can be found in the application form.

Download the application for CAPP assistance

For More Information

Contact Deb Meihoff for more information on OAPA's Community Assistance Planning Program.