Click here to learn about the specific criteria for education and experience before you apply for certification, the application process, test dates, exam prep, and more!

Students and New Graduates

Students and graduates of PAB accredited programs can now enroll in the AICP Candidate Pilot Program and take the AICP exam prior to earning the full number of years of professional planning experience. Click here to learn more!

AICP Certification Cycle

Click here for all the information you’ll need to apply for AICP Certification, which includes verifying your education and employment history.

  • If you are considering applying for the upcoming exam, it is strongly recommended that you review the resources provided by APA regarding what they expect to see in an application.
  • Please take the time to review the AICP Application Tips.
  • Be sure to allow sufficient time for required documentation (employment verification, transcripts, etc.) to be received by APA by the deadline.

Application and Exam Dates

Click here for deadlines on when applications are due, exam dates, and fees.