Strategic Plan & Guiding Principles

2021 Strategic Plan Update

In 2021, the Board will launch a Strategic Plan Update to position the Chapter's work through 2024. Members will be invited to offer their thoughts and input throughout the update process. Stay tuned to the Chapter Newsletter and social media to learn more.

2018 Strategic Plan

Cover of the OAPA Strategic Plan 2018 Update

In 2018, OAPA engaged its membership and stakeholders to inform a review and update of our Strategic Plan, which guides fulfillment of the organization’s mission. The first phase was reviewing and updating our Mission Statement for clarity, adequacy, and consistency with current practices at OAPA, completed Spring 2018. The revamped Mission Statement fed into an updated draft Strategic Plan for OAPA member review and input via survey in September 2018. 

The Board discussed member input and provided direction on an updated draft that was then shared with membership during a session at the October 2018 OAPA Annual Conference, leading to a final updated plan that the Board approved in November 2018.

Guiding Principles

The Strategic Plan outlines four principles that, in addition to our mission and vision, guide the Chapter’s work to promote the art and science of planning in Oregon.

Professional Development

Oregon needs highly skilled planners and informed citizens to help create and sustain great communities. OAPA provides workshops and trainings on a variety of topics in multiple locations throughout the state for member and non-member planners. OAPA supports excellence in local decision making by offering training, information, and other resources to planning commissioners, elected officials, and engaged community members.


Oregon needs champions of planning who can advocate for sound planning practices and policies that are reflective of and responsive to Oregon’s diverse people and places. OAPA engages with decision makers and the public in order to facilitate a better understanding of the impacts of planning decisions, improve planning and its outcomes for our state and communities, and advocate for every person’s opportunity to participate.


OAPA needs resources and a structure that enables volunteer leaders and staff to accomplish the organization’s goals and support the needs of its members. OAPA works to ensure that the organization is relevant, efficient, and effective and provides a variety of networking and volunteer opportunities for members.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Oregon needs diverse and culturally responsive planning professionals to support more inclusive, just, and equitable communities through a planning profession as diverse and inclusive as the communities we serve. OAPA equips planners to perform inclusive, culturally competent, and equitable planning practices, and works effectively across Oregon’s diverse urban and rural communities.

For More Information

To find out more about OAPA's Strategic Plan and Guiding Principles, contact Aaron Ray, Board President.