Oregon APA's programming is implemented by chapter members serving on our standing committees. Joining a committee is easy: just contact the chair listed below for more information.

Awards Committee

Chair: Amanda Ferguson

The Awards Committee oversees the OAPA Awards Program, focusing on recognizing the outstanding work of planners throughout Oregon. We have been recognizing talented planners and their work across Oregon for over 30 years.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group (DEIG)

Chair: Kevin Cook

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group (DEIG) works across OAPA committees and with the Board of Directors to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies into OAPA’s offerings, advocacy, and operations. The DEIG develops and drives tactics, projects, and programs, and serves as a resource for the Board and committees, in keeping with OAPA’s mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

Education and Outreach Committee (EOC)

Chair: Deb Meihoff, FAICP

The Education and Outreach Committee (EOC) works on programs that will help inform the general public, the media, other organizations and students about planning and related issues. We often partner with other like-minded organizations to more effectively reach a broader audience and create a better understanding of planning issues across the state. 

Emerging Planners Group (EPG)

Chair: Allan Wilson

The Emerging Planners Group (EPG) organizes events and activities intended to provide career growth and networking opportunities for OAPA members who are new to the planning field. The EPG is intended for students or emerging planners of any age within the first few years of their career; however, OAPA encourages the participation of all OAPA members, particularly at events that involve mentorship and training opportunities for EPG members.

Legislative and Policy Affairs Committee (LPAC)

Chair: Chris Green

The Legislative and Policy Affairs Committee (LPAC) is responsible for developing and implementing the Chapter’s legislative and policy action program. Board oversight and involvement are ensured through Board member participation on LPAC, annual review and adoption of legislative priorities and guiding principles used to inform the Chapter’s position on proposed legislation and policy, and Board President review of proposed testimony. 

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Chair: Brad Kilby, AICP

The PDC is responsible for providing opportunities for continuing education of OAPA members, as well as planners around the state and appointed officials, and to promote membership in OAPA and AICP. In addition to designing and providing CM sessions the PDC assists other groups by co-sponsoring events that may be of interest to the Oregon Chapter membership. 

For More Information

To find out more or to get involved with an OAPA committee, contact Stephanie Green.