RFP for Professional Services to develop an Affordable Housing Production Strategy

City of Hood River

Hood River, OR United States

Request for Proposals: The City of Hood River requests proposals from experienced consultants to provide Professional Services for developing an Affordable Housing Production Strategy. The City included funding in its FY 2021-22 budget for the project. The City anticipates this project to span six to nine months.

Submittals must be received by 5:00 pm on Monday, June 28th by hand delivery or mail at City of Hood River attention: Jennifer Kaden, Affordable Housing Production Strategy, 211 2nd Street, Hood River, OR 97031. Electronic submittals will also be excepted via email to j.kaden@cityofhoodriver.gov .

The City of Hood River has identified a need for professional services to develop an Affordable Housing Production Strategy and Implementation Plan to encourage the development of housing for those earning incomes up to 120% median family income (MFI).

The City adopted a Housing Needs Analysis in 2015 and developed a housing strategy to create opportunities for a more inclusive and diverse housing inventory. Elements of the housing market and demographic analysis were updated in 2019.

The cost of housing in Hood River is a burden to families and individuals and makes it difficult to recruit and retain workers. Additionally, the market is not producing housing that is affordable to families earning at or below the median family income (MFI). Despite deliberate and consistent action by the City Council over many years, the gap between what families earn and what they can afford in housing continues to grow. The City’s 2021 Work Plan includes the development of an Affordable Housing Production Strategy to identify public policy tools and strategies the City can use to encourage the production of housing for individuals earning up to 120% of MFI (≈ $92,160) and a plan to implement those strategies.

Proposals are solicited from qualified consultants to perform the work necessary to provide professional services. Proposals must demonstrate the Consultant’s experience and expertise related to this type of work and provide examples and references for similar recent work.

See the full Request for Proposals at: https://cityofhoodriver.gov/bid-center-rfps/

Experience Level
Senior (8-10 years)
AICP Level
Housing Policy, Design, or Implementation
Salary Range